5 Ways The Dark Knight Rises Goes Against The Comics

4. Talia Al Ghul

The twist that Miranda Tate turns out to be Talia Al Ghul was certainly called early on. I'm sure fans around the world felt remarkably smug at that moment. However, Talia's motivations are drastically different to her comic book counter-part. This is logical for the most part as unlike the comics, in which Ra's Al Ghul is still live and kicking, Talia has had to deal with the loss of her father. Still, lets look at a few ways that Nolan and co have changed this character drastically from the source material. Firstly, the relationship between Bruce and Talia isn't based on deception in the books. Ra's Al Ghul deems Bruce Wayne the only man worthy of marrying his daughter (Bane was his previous choice but wasn't to Talia's taste) and inherit the league of shadows. Bruce doesn't want the legacy of Ra's but is much more interested in Talia. The two have had a rocky and tense relationship since. They are ideologically at odds yet still very much in love. Bruce and Talia have also had a son, Damian, who has recently become the 5th Robin. Talia is also not a villain but more of an anti-hero. Much like Catwoman, Talia has her own moral compass that, while at odds with Batman's, doesn't make her a bad person. At least, not a super-villain. Nolan's Talia Al Ghul on the other hand is vengeful, manipulative and evil. She is arguably more extreme than even her father. Still, I think for the purposes of Nolan's vision of the Batman universe this makes a lot of sense.

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