5 WTF Adult Moments In Kids Movies You Totally Missed

5. Toy Story - Hook, Lying and Stinker

hooker The first ever computer animated feature still stands the test of time as a masterpiece. It blends slapstick and pathos in seamless ways, and is still a standard bearer for animated films. But of course, those cheeky chappies at Pixar couldn't help themselves and put some raunchy references in. First off, I didn't notice until extremely recently thanks to a Facebook meme that our two leads, Woody and Buzz, have names that are practically begging for letters of complaint. Then Mr Potato Head tells Slinky to kiss his ass in a slightly less subtle reference. And by slightly less subtle I mean actually removing his lips and making them kiss his ass. So that's a tick in each column for swearing and self-pleasure. But one that sailed over my head was this clever little joke. After Woody and Buzz (hehe) are bought to Sid's house, they see all the mutilated toys that our pre-teen psycho has not-s0-lovingly kept. They see a baby head with spider legs, a duck with a human torso and a makeshift hook with sexy lady legs. Or, if you will, a hooker. A hooker. In Toy Story. And look at the way the duck and the doll head are staring at it. Perverts.
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