50 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2018 - Ranked

To Infinity War and beyond...


2017 definitely had its moments in terms of the movies we saw and fell in love with as a collective audience: there were good DCEU movies, bad DCEU movies, excellent MCU movies and four more billion dollar movies that proved just why Hollywood ploughs so much into franchise movies and established brands.

Inevitably, Disney dominated the top of the box office and that's not going to change any time soon with the acquisition of Fox's key properties and big plans to double down on every lucrative series they already have. Just looking at what they have coming in 2018 is probably enough to make their accountants explode in a messy shower.

And it's not just Disney who will make a shedload of money this year either: 2018 has so many huge franchise movies, sequels and fresh starts that it could well be the most lucrative year ever for studios. And that SHOULD mean the rewards for audiences - who will also be gifted several intriguing looking independents and unique projects - will be just as big. At least that's what we have to hope.

Get your calendars ready to mark the most exciting movies of 2018...

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