50 Most Anticipated Movies Of 2021

49. Army Of The Dead

Army of the Dead Dave Bautista

Zack Snyder is the latest name director to join the Netflix family with his upcoming zombie heist film Army of the Dead. Dave Bautista stars as the head of a mercenary unit who plans to pull off a heist at a Las Vegas casino in the middle of an undead apocalypse.

It's certainly a fittingly ludicrous premise, and with a more modest budget of around $90 million - compared to Snyder's usual tentpole price tags, at least - some of his more frustrating excesses could be reined in.

Given Netflix's famously hands-off approach to their directors, this will likely either be one of Snyder's strongest efforts or one of his worst, but either way it'll be a must-see.

Release Date: TBA


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