60 Greatest T-Shirts Ever Worn In A Movie

You'll never want for a Halloween costume again.

Napoleon Dynamite Countless people walk around with Heisenberg sketches or Weyland-Yutani logos on their chests, but if you really want to show your love for a film the best thing to do is get an actual replica of your characters clothes. Normally innocuous enough to pass for a regular t-shirt (unless you're going deep into the realms of cosplay), they're the sort of thing you can wear with pride, particularly whenever another fan spots it. There's plenty of awesome t-shirts in movies to choose from; some are flat-out funny, others are in-jokes in themselves or they may just be the ones that are made awesome by plain association. Whatever the case, there's a disproportionate number of characters in film with awesome wardrobes. Today we're going to dive into the world of awesome movie tees and bring you sixty of the best.

60. Black Sabbath

The Movie: The Avengers Worn By: Tony Stark Essential in giving Iron Man that cool in the first place, it's nice to see Marvel throw out some reverence to the band.

59. Res Firma

The Movie: American Flyers Worn By: Various Once you got it up, keep it up. Right? Although in Latin the quote's actually a lot less filthy.

58. Mickey Mouse

The Movie: The Outsiders Worn By: Two-Bit Matthews The only way to be a convincing greaser is confess your love for all things Disney.

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