60 Greatest T-Shirts Ever Worn In A Movie

57. I Hate Reboots

The Movie: Kick-Ass 2 Work By: Dave Lizewski Good point with an added dose of irony; after the second film's abysmal performance it'll be the only way we get more Kick-Ass.

56. Born To Be Bad

The Movie: Twins Worn By: Julius Benedict We really want one, but know we couldn't pull it off like Arnie. Although we could probably quote it with more conviction.

55. Colour Combs

The Movie: Hot Tub Time Machine Worn By: Nick Webber If you do one thing in a trip to the eighties make it buy this t-shirt.

54. Plumtree

The Movie: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Worn By: Scott Pilgrim Things are going full-meta here. It was the Plumtree song Scott Pilgrim that inspired the comic series on which this is based. The band themselves commented on how well the film captured their song's tone.

53. UCSC Banana Slugs/Krazy Kat Comic

The Movie: Pulp Fiction Worn By: Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield It's the sort of thing Tarantino would make up, but the Banana Slug is a real mascot for University of California, Santa Cruz. Even a Krazy Kat comic throw-back (or the duo's usual suits) can't top that.

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