50 Reasons Why Ghostbusters Is The Greatest Film Of All Time


€œGenerally you don€™t see that kind of behaviour in a major appliance,€ €“ Peter on hearing Dana Barrett has a demon dog in her fridge.

7. New York

Reitman turns the city into another character and gives it a Gothic feel that adds to the eerie atmosphere. The film€™s key motif is that of the city€™s gargoyles watching its citizens.

8. Weird Collections

Feel bad about collecting toy trains, stamps or movie star autographs? Fuck it. Egon collects spores, moulds and fungus. You have nothing to worry about.


€œWe came, we saw, we kicked its ass!€ €“ Peter.

10. The Costumes

They wear the four coolest jumpsuits outside of Elvis€™ closet. And no €œcoolest jumpsuits,€ is not an oxymoron.

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