50 Reasons Why Green Lantern Movie Sucks

#6 Strange Editing

Hal almost crashes his car because he€™s wrapping a gift for his nephew, but he€™s on the way to work, NOT the party. Why not wait to wrap the present? Probably because that scene was originally meant to happen later. Remember, Hal risked other people€™s lives with his recklessness here and it wasn€™t even necessary. Great superhero material and absolutely no logic.

#7 We See Oa Before Hal Does

In most science fiction stories, when there€™s an alien world or alternate dimension involved, we discover these things with the protagonist. When Luke Skywalker first sees the Millennium Falcon, we see it for the first time with him. Sharing these experiences with the main character is what makes us relate to him. By the time Hal gets to Oa, it€™s old news to us.

#8 If You Don't Know It By Now... Hal Jordan Really Is A Jerk

Hal can€™t handle losing to the automated jets, so he throws Carol under the bus and destroys several million dollars worth of equipment. All because he wants to win. His actions result in Ferris losing the contract and half the employees being laid off.

#9 The Flashback

As Hal€™s engines fail and his jet plummets to the ground, he remembers watching his father€™s plane explode. This works thematically, but the tone of the scene feels wrong. Maybe it€™s just me, but it seemed unintentionally hilarious. There's no bigger crime than a sentimental flashback that misses it's intention.

#10 Hal€™s Disappearing Family

Hal attends his nephew€™s birthday party and gets a stern talk from his older brother. He has a touching conversation with his nephew. They are never heard from again.

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