50 Reasons Why Green Lantern Movie Sucks

#11 Insincerity

When trying to activate the lantern, Hal makes several pop culture references, i.e. €œby the power of Grayskull!€ It totally removes any severity from the scene. Later, Carol recognizes him through the mask, shattering an age old superhero convention. This would be great if they were deconstructing elements of the super power genre, but instead they€™re just mocking the idea. It says, €œThat mask is silly, right? We find it hard to take seriously so we€™ll make fun of it!€ That€™s not clever; it€™s fear. A movie that is all about overcoming fear is afraid to take itself seriously, similar to Hal himself. Can you imagine if in Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne did the same thing and everyone laughed at his costume?

#12 Tom Who?

Tom is a pointless character. The only thing he really does is pick up Hal from the crash site. Anything else he does is incidental to the plot. Hal does later show off his costume to Tom in his apartment, but that entire scene could€™ve been cut in favor of fleshing out Hal, Hector and Carol€™s supposed friendships.

#13 No CSI?

It€™s obvious that someone found the crashed space ship before the government did, but nobody seems to pay this much attention. There would be a manhunt for whoever this person was and Hal and Tom would have had way more trouble driving away. The tire treads, footprints, fingerprints - they would all point to Hal and Tom and they definitely would have some G-Men investigating them, at the very least. More likely they€™d be arrested and held indefinitely without trial.

#14 Dancing at the Bar

Carol allows Hal to dance with her even though earlier that day he almost destroyed her company. I€™ve destroyed three women€™s careers and when I asked them to dance after they wouldn€™t even talk to me. Carol is kind of a moron.

#15 Blake Lively

She is way too young to be believable as head of a company like Ferris Aircraft and is no where near as talented an actress (or to be fair, given the same strong character) to be taken as seriously as Hayley Atwell in Captain America: The First Avenger. Shoddy casting.

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