50 Reasons Why Green Lantern Movie Sucks

#16 Poor Attempts at Juxtaposition

Hal and the Earth based baddie Hector both interact with the same alien, but their fates are extremely different. At two separate points, the film makes it a point to cross cut between them. But, we don€™t find out that Hal and Hector know each other until after this, so it falls flat. If anything, it interrupts the forward motion of Hal€™s story.

#17 Hal€™s First Show of Force

The first use of the ring is putting people whose jobs he jeopardized in the hospital. Tony Stark€™s first use of Iron Man was punishing terrorists and trying to save his friend€™s life. Hal punched someone through a brick wall. That probably shattered the guy€™s spine and cause extreme internal bleeding. I€™d venture to say that he may have killed at least one of them. That was the first thing he ever did with the ring. Very wise and heroic.

#18 Sinestro€™s Strike Force

The Green Lantern Corps is made up of 3600 officers, but Sinestro confronts Parallax with a handful of them. Why? The film makers needed to show how strong Parallax is by easily disposing of multiple Lanterns? Of course not! It€™s because...um...hmmm. I€™ll get back to you on that one.

#19 The Costume Special Effects

When the first trailer was released, a lot of people said the costume looked stupid. The filmmakers defended themselves by saying the special effects were not finished, but I€™m pretty sure that was a lie. Why release the footage if it wasn€™t complete? So, since they€™d been made fun of and were SCARED, they poured a whole lot more money into the CGI and made a bunch of superfluous additions to the costumes. Do they need to be pulsating with light at all times? Do we need to see little lightning bolts in Hal€™s mask? Of course not. It doesn€™t add anything of value to the movie. In fact, it€™s distracting.

#20 Ring Buzzing

When danger is present, a Green Lantern ring will start flashing and vibrating. In the comics, GL rings can speak to their wearers, informing them exactly of what is approaching. The way it€™s presented in the movie is the least effective method of warning someone. It€™s pretty much the reason Abin Sur dies. His ring goes crazy, but he doesn€™t know where Parallax is going to attack him from, so he ends up taking it right to the chest.

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