6 Actors Who Must Be Cast In A Justice League Movie

Who should play DC's Avengers alternative?


The recent casting of Ben Affleck as Batman has raised the interest of many fans of the DC cinematic universe. Another actor has been added to the long list of on-screen Batmen, but it raises the question for us all of - who else will be joining Henry Cavill and Affleck himself in the first live-action Justice League movie (rumoured to be released in 2017)?

It's an exciting prospect and an interesting question to ponder - who will be in this line-up and who will play the iconic heroes? This article is going to speculate which actors could potentially play each one of the League's pivotal characters, and for what reasons.

If DC can get their play together and cast cleverly, we could be looking at a similar level of success to The Avengers movie, even if there are accusations circling the net that some of the so-called "lesser" JLA characters don't warrant the same focus, or attract the same fandom as the Avengers supporting cast. Whatever happens, any JLA movie will quickly head to the top of the pile marked Blockbusters, especially considering the long developmental route it will have taken to get to the screen.

So, from the Flash to Green Lantern, let's take a look at who should play some of the world's most iconic comic book characters...

6. Wonder Woman - Coby Smulders

Wonder Woman Coby Smulders

After Superman and Batman, Wonder Woman is perhaps the most important and well known DC Superhero, so casting for her is going to be of the utmost importance. There are two pitfalls into which the filmmakers can fall when it comes to casting and representing Wonder Woman.

The first is turning her into a porn star (see any DC comic in the past decade for full details) - basically just squeezing a large-busted woman into a tiny piece of armor-themed lingerie; and the other is making her anything like any other female superhero to ever have had a solo movie.

There is a shameful legacy when it comes to the movie representations of female superheroes; Catwoman, Elektra and Tank Girl... I'll let those names sink in. So, who could Warner Brothers hire to represent the personification of femininity and feminism?

Well, one woman with black hair and blue eyes that seems like a good choice is Community's Alison Brie. While Brie is certainly a very talented actress, she rarely plays the strong, badass woman that Wonder Woman needs to be. She just doesn't have the right kind of authority.

The woman who I see most in the face of Wonder Woman (especially in the picture above) is Cobie Smulders. As Agent Maria Hill, she proved she has the authority and athletic capability to pull off the iconic role.


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