6 Awesome Movie Superheroine Costumes (And 4 That Sucked)

avengers-black-widow Having already done the superhero version of this article, it's superheroine time. We all love a superheroine. And what about those costumes? I know, right! Sexy/hideous! That's right - superheroine costumes vary massively. Some look incredibly cool, while some are really quite terrible. Live action movies have been bringing superheroines to life for many years now and the costumes of our favourite beloved characters have received a mixed reception in that time. From awesome looking armours to unflattering body suits - and everything in between - we've seen it all. They can make you want to don an outfit and kick some villain ass or they can make you want call the fashion police immediately. With that in mind, here are six awesome superheroine costumes in movies and four that totally sucked (starting with the awesome ones), there is no room for mediocrity here...

6 Awesome Superheroine Costumes...

6. Batgirl (Batman & Robin)


This outfit was quite different to any Batgirl in the comics that had been seen at the time, but it was undoubtedly cool. Black throughout, it included a mask similar to Robin's (which failed emphatically to hide her identity, but oh well..), a tight bodysuit that really showed off Alicia Silverstone's curves, a cape (capes are awesome) and tight high boots. It had bat symbols on the thighs and spikes on the wrists. Bizarrely, this suit was designed for Barbara Gordon by her Uncle - Batman's butler Alfred Pennyworth - which is a little bit disturbing and creepy when you actually think about it.

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