6 Behind-The-Scenes Documentaries That Show Why Films Went Wrong

Official explanations for the crap we were served.

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There are many reasons why a film might fall short of expectations. Studio interference, terrible casting decisions and budgetary constraints are just a few of the most popular excuses the moviegoing public have heard over the years.

It's rare, and usually refreshing, when those behind said cinematic failures open up and speak candidly about their shortcomings, reflect on what might have been and give the fans an explanation for the on-screen car crash they had to witness.

Not often do actors or directors go on record top wax lyrical about this kind of thing, but it has been known to happen. Such confessions have occasionally turned up in follow-up documentaries and featurettes, some of which have even appeared among the movie's DVD and Blu-ray extras.

It can be difficult to pinpoint why a film underwhelmed, which is precisely why official explanations from the parties involved are both fascinating and eye-opening.

And after hearing them, the chances are you'll be more forgiving or at least understanding of the filmmaker and cast's plight the next time you see a movie that didn't turn out the way it should have.

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