6 Best Uses For Henry Cavill In DCEU's Future

5. A Flashpoint Alternate Reality Superman

Batman v Superman Henry Cavill
DC Comics

This one might be tricky, but if done well would really benefit from Cavill's involvement.

The solo Flash movie starring Ezra Miller has been reported to involve/adapt the 2011 Flashpoint storyline, whether or not that continues to be true, considering the number of different writers and directors who have been attached to the project.

The story of Flashpoint itself involves an alternate reality created by Flash going back and preventing his mother's death. When he returns to his own time, everything is different, and crucially all of the superheroes we know have been changed or subverted in some way. Batman is Thomas Wayne instead of Bruce, Aquaman is a villain, Captain Cold is a hero, etc.

Superman has also changed, having lived most of his life in captivity, within a facility that artificially recreates his Kryptonian red sun, rendering him powerless.

Seeing the DCEU Superman changed in such a way, visibly weakened (perhaps through the use of the technology that showed us a shorter, skinny Chris Evans in Captain America 1), would have much more of an impact if it's Cavill, having seen him so imposing and powerful for so many movies before. The last-act reverting back to the original timeline could be a good opportunity to reset some continuity too, perhaps even bringing Robert Pattinson's Batman into the DCEU fold.


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