6 Bizarrely Specific Movie Moments UK Censors Banned

3. Mocking Crusades Could Offend In 21st Century - Shrek 2: Crusades Reference

Sarah Connor Terminator 2
DreamWorks Pictures

Shrek 2. That's a nice, family-friendly film, right? Not to the extent where it could be released on DVD in the UK without any alternations, apparently.

There's a scene in the movie where Fiona rebuffs Prince Charming's slimy advances with a swift headbutt, but this was changed to a neck chop for the British home media release, because that's a more acceptable form of physical assault.

A few of the bit-part voice over actors were also swapped out for Britons, but most interestingly, a reference to the Crusades was removed.

There's a line of dialogue from John Cleese's King about his "old crusade wound playing up" which had to be replaced with something about an "old hunting wound".

Presumably somebody on this side of the pond spat out their tea and crumpets at this causal mention of religious warfare and mass slaughter.


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