6 Comic Book Films ONLY Fanboys Can Hate

Superman 3 Fanboys. My first article admission into the WhatCulture elite had me talk about how much I hate smarks within the wrestling industry and how their inane rhetoric and critique about the WWE, even when they claim not to watch it is not only downright wrong but blatantly insulting. Now let's add to that the modern day fanboy (or girl). These people just simply refuse to allow any adaptation of any comic book film, regardless of how good it is, any leeway or credit when it comes to the final product. As Smarks tend to do, they nitpick every decision the director makes, constantly complain about the most insanely small details and all seemingly are under the belief that the only good comic film that will ever be made is the one they will never get to make. Just an update to those who may not have read my previous articles, I grew up in the "Outback" of Australia where there was not much access to all things entertainment, whether it be films, music, or anything for that matter. We were always the last to get it and it was usually out of date by the time it got there. And the last thing a country town of only 200 people needed or thought to have stocked in the local general store was comic books or as the modern afficionado calls them, graphic novels. The only one we got on a regular basis was Mad Magazine (and for some reason, Eagle Comics "Judge Dredd", go figure, but you had to go to the bigger neighbouring town for those). No Batmans, No Supermans, No Justice League, No Avengers, No X-Men, nothing at all. And even when I did move to the city in the early 90's comics still weren't at all popular like they are now (in Australia anyway). The only Superman we grew up with and knew was Christopher Reeve. Batman was Adam West (until Micheal Keaton showed up), Wonder Woman was Lynda Carter and Lou Ferrigno was the Incredible Hulk.
So I have no idea who Deadpool is and don't care about how many X-Men there are all up or who was the originals. Not at all fussed whether Batman is "camp" or if he is "reality based" like the Chris Nolan efforts. Couldn't give a damn about which actor should have been assembled for the Avengers Initiative and the "Age of Ultron" sounds to me like something Optimus Prime dealt with back in the original 80's Transformers cartoon. Nightwing, who in the blue hell is that? And if continuity is going to be explained by a crisis between parallel worlds then all I ask is that we get to see the reverse Flash (Okay, I did catch up on that one, ha). But there is one thing I care about and that is being entertained at the flicks. And quite frankly these films I am about to mention not only entertained the hell out of me but some I actually thought were filmed quite courageously, knowing full well the backlash from the freaks that actually do fit that stereotype of fat guys in basements with no girlfriends, which would've been fully realized beforehand. You see, regardless of the source material, these are not comic books, these are movies. And the object of adaptation is to introduce the world that you are adapting to us who may not be an encyclopedia of all knowledge pertaining to the Marvel Universe or whatever. Most of you people go to see these films regardless of whether they are bad or not, so the movies are not made for you. They're made for the extra $200,000,000 the studios hope to get by reaching the average Joe (or Johanna) who have never heard of Thanos or Galacticus and whose only source of comic book fandom is regular visits by Bart Simpson to The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop.
And I say to you all, go watch "Battleship", "The Room", "Jack & Jill" (or any Sandler movie of late nowadays), the "Twilight" Saga or Michael Bay's "Transformers" anthology to date, then come back and explain to me why these movies should not be treated as reverently as "Citizen Kane" in comparison. Or at least given some slack. For these films I believe only get the ridicule that they do simply because everyone loves to jump on the hate bandwagon like the sheep that they are. With one example making it blatantly obvious to anyone who is witnessing as an outsider (like me) that no matter if God himself created the ultimate Marvel vs DC film you people would still be hating on it because Christopher Nolan did not direct.

Let's get started...

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