6 Guilty Pleasure Films You Won't Believe These Famous Directors Enjoy

1. Ishtar: Quentin Tarantino, Edgar Wright & Martin Scorsese

I caught Ishtar on TV late one night, I was curious, being a fan of terrible movies and allegedly this was one of the terriblestest... However, something strange happened that night, I found myself not laughing at the movie but laughing with the movie, and I was ultimately baffled as to how this film had got such an awful reception from critics and gone on to develop a reputation as one of the most notable stinkers in Hollywood history. Personally, I thought it was brilliant, a Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson buddy comedy made 20 years before that was even a thing... It slapped a massive smile onto my face when footage turned up online of Quentin Tarantino introducing a screening of Ishtar by joyously singing the 'Hot Fudge Love' song from memory, and later when I read that Edgar Wright was also a fan I began to feel even more hope that perhaps this comedy great would finally have its day. Even more bizarrely it has, allegedly, been cited as a favourite by Martin Scorcese!?

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