6 Movie Characters Who Were Just Too Damn GOOD To Die

Some dead meat is just too cool to die...

Dr Ian Malcolm Jeff Goldblum

It often feels like film-makers don't care about your favourite characters - or at least like they don't understand how beloved they are in the eyes of fans. Why else would iconic figures like John McClane, Darth Vader, Indiana Jones, Freddy Krueger and Batman (as a drop in the ocean) have been so badly treated at times in the name of "entertainment"? There must be a case of a disconnect between the writers and the fans.

But just occasionally you get a hint that certain film-makers actually recognise how great their characters are. In some cases that means they'll get pushed to the forefront when they were initially lesser characters or they'll get an entire spin-off or they'll be given impenetrable plot armour no matter what happens. And in terms of that last category, there are actually some movie characters that have been saved from death entirely because they were just too good.

Sometimes, writers and directors have a firm plan for a character but they just end up being so popular or the performance is so good that everything changes. And in some cases, that means characters who were set to be killed off end up living on...

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