6 Movies With Exactly The Same Plot

5. The A-Team

L A team of soldiers must band together and fight back against rogue CIA operatives after they frame them for an elaborate gold heist in order to clear their names and save themselves. - The Traditional Hero €“ Hannibal Smith (Liam Neeson) - The Scene Chewing Villain €“ Lynch (Patrick Wilson) - The Foil €“ Faceman Peck (Bradley Cooper) - Dire scenario €“ Rogue CIA operatives have conspired with a para-military group to steal millions worth of gold, which the A-Team took the fall for. - Getting the Crew Together €“ Now free from prison, Hannibal embarks on a quest to break out his remaining comrades, each locked in a high security prison in different spots on the globe. - The First Victory €“ The team successfully boost the transport of gold from the opposition to reclaim it for the government. The mission goes off without a hitch, and they even began to celebrate and Hannibal utters his famous line: €œI love it when a plan comes together.€ Too bad this leads to them getting framed for stealing the gold for themselves. - The Failure Mission €“ The Berlin mission. The team captures the Arab that is supposedly behind their frame up, but Pike unexpectedly goes after Baracas and nearly kills him in the process. What€™s more, the Arab turns out to be General Morrison. Their longtime boss and friend, the team is shocked to find out that Morrison had sold them out. - The Sacrificial Lamb €“ General Morrison. Though he turned against them, the team still felt a sense of sentiment towards Morrison. His death during the bombing of the A-Team€™s hideout marked the transition towards their final endgame. If it wasn€™t personal enough for them before, Lynch€™s latest strike against them basically sealed his fate. - The Final Battle €“ Shootout at the L.A. Harbor. With the CIA hot on their tail, the A-Team arranges for a final showdown in the L.A. Harbor. They pull out all the stops as face devises an elaborate plan to finally expose Lynch for who he is. Of course Pike sabotages that plan with a rocket launcher and a capsizing freighter, but the team still manages to win in spectacular fashion.
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