6 People Who Should Replace Jimmy Fallon

late night jimmy fallon With recent news breaking that Jay Leno might be leaving the Tonight Show, there was much media frenzy. Is this true? If so, who will replace him? All those questions were soon answered when it was officially announced Leno would be leaving, and be replaced by Jimmy Fallon. A Saturday Night Live alumni and host of his own show - Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - he is certainly qualified for the position. But that brings us to a new question... with Fallon leaving Late Night, who should replace him? Who will be the fourth host of Late Night (following in the footsteps of David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, and Fallon)? Well, as always, WhatCulture is ready to step in and offer some suggestions. Here are six people we think are excellent candidates for the hosting chair....

6. Seth Meyers

Saturday Night Live Currently the most whispered name in regard to who should take the job, Seth Meyers would certainly be at home on Late Night. He's spent the last twelve years on Saturday Night Live (having joined in 2001), and since 2006 has been head writer and host of Weekend Update. Through this, he's become adept at monologues, though all his interaction with guests is scripted, so we have no idea how well he'd handle improvised conversations with real guests. However, another thing helping his case is his role as head writer. The jokes always feel more natural from show hosts when they've had a hand in writing them.
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