6 Sinister Pixar Villains We Love To Hate

Toy Story 3 If there is anything that Pixar teaches us, it€™s that while they can exhibit charming and warm characters and imaginary worlds dripping in both colour and detail, they also hold host to some of modern film€™s most corruptive and depraved characters, with sinister ambitions and cunning schemes. Fan favourites such as Nemo and Dug may bring out feelings of elation in both children and adult audiences in response to their captivating and pleasant personalities. Although amid the seemingly idyllic and seamless surroundings; loathsome things which are secluded have the tendency to creep around in the crook of your eye and cause considerable fright. Yet despite such reactions, Pixar villains are a delight to watch. Fulfilling the role of credible and treacherous villains to confront some of the studio€™s most beloved protagonists, here are 6 infamous, yet beloved characters which form Pixar€™s rogues gallery. Spoilers follow.

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