6 Sinister Pixar Villains We Love To Hate

6. Darla Sherman - Finding Nemo (2003)

Darla Finding Nemo Fans will remember this seemingly innocent child, who the tank gang notoriously brands as being a fish killer. The nickname derives from her habitual acts of frustratingly shaking ill-fated fish to their deaths, who are imprisoned tightly in bags, which were originally gifts from her uncle P. Sherman, who captures Nemo. Darla is irresponsible and exceedingly selfish. Luckily, much to her own comeuppance, once Nemo fakes his own death and Darla proceeds to violently shake his bag, Gill fires himself out of the tank and lands in her hair, enabling Nemo to escape down the drain leading to the sewer. Darla panickingly attempts to grab Nemo, but then the drain squirts water into her face. Gaining laughs from the audience as punishment.

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