6 Sinister Pixar Villains We Love To Hate

5. Syndrome (A.K.A. Buddy Pine) - The Incredibles (2004)

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This threatening Super villain known fondly as Syndrome was once a boy who admired and adored Mr.Incredible and yearned to be his sidekick referred to as Incrediboy. Yet despite his striking enthusiasm, he was constantly rejected. Over the years since, Buddy becomes an accomplished weapons designer and through his agent, Mirage, sends many of the Supers to fight with his battle robot: The Omnidroid 9000, yet many are unsuccessful and for those who defeated it were killed by modified versions. Syndrome is a villain with a lack of conscience and is arguably a sociopath. He notably possesses amoral attributes with no regard for human life, particularly with the fact that he willingly allows missiles to be shot at a plane with the Incredible children aboard. This bitterness and evil manifests from being denied the opportunity to marvel and admire his idol Mr. Incredible and by crowds of people. He then since was in pursuit of eliminating the other supers and aspiring to become the only admired and beloved self made hero.

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