6 Star Trek Films Actors Hated Filming

4. Star Trek Nemesis - Tom Hardy

Star Trek Nemesis
Paramount Pictures

Tom Hardy was supposed to be the breakout star of Star Trek: Nemesis, appearing as Shinzon, the clone of Captain Picard. He had appeared in Band of Brothers and Black Hawk Down and, fFor his part, Hardy delivers as fine a performance as possible in the circumstances. The film's critical and commercial failure led to a sudden and harsh impact on his life.

He recalled feeling a constant sense of terror while on-set. The hours were gruelling, often up to 17 hours per day, before he would collapse into bed at the end of the night. He didn't drink during production, instead keeping his focus fixed on ensuring he delivered the best performance that he could. He knew that fear would come across on the cameras, though he felt it might suit the character.

The film tanked at the box office, sending the Next Generation's final journey out on a whimper - something that was softly rebooted in Star Trek Picard's first season. For Hardy though, this was devastating. He sunk into depression and alcohol addiction, even contemplating suicide as fan hate began pouring in on him. No one should ever end up in that position.

Thankfully, he entered rehab in 2003 and from there, his career began to truly take off, though Star Trek: Nemesis remains an unhappy memory all these years later.


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