6 Tantalising Movies Christopher Nolan Could Make Next

James Bond, Akira and more.

chris nolan
warner bros

Christopher Nolan belongs to an elite group of directors who can make films about whatever the heck they please.

That's what happens when anything with your name on it is almost guaranteed to find that magical balance between widespread acclaim and big box office bucks.

Nolan has been reinventing the blockbuster since Memento scored him a breakthrough hit in 2002, and he's deconstructed many genres along the way.

Most recently, it was the war film with Dunkirk, an unsentimentally bombastic project that'll take some shifting from the upper reaches of box office charts.

Having already reshaped Batman for the modern age, bended our minds with Inception and boldly followed in the footsteps of filmmaking greats like Stanley Kubrick with Interstellar, where will Nolan head next?

Since studios are willing to hand him unbridled creative freedom, it could be practically anywhere, but there are projects he's been attached to in the past that could potentially end up on his future radar.

Some of these came closer to fruition than others, and there's also the rumour linking him with certain quintessentially British super spy that won't seem to go away...


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