6 Tantalising Movies Christopher Nolan Could Make Next

6. James Bond

Eon Productions

Christopher Nolan directing James Bond would be a dream within a dream come true.

The Inception filmmaker has previously expressed his love for the spy franchise and rumours linking him with the 007 hotset never seem to quit, no matter how much cold water is poured over them.

The speculation intensified in the run-up to Bond 25 when eagle-eyed IMDB users spotted Nolan's production company Syncopy Films listed as attached to the movie.

Although the man himself has always downplayed the link without ruling himself out completely, these reports are unlikely to die until a director has signed on the dotted line for the gadget-loving spy's next mission.

Nolan is the perfect fit for Bond, his ability to reinvent characters while remaining true to their essence is just what 007 needs, but he's more of an outside bet for the vacant directorial hotset as things stand.

Don't bet against it happened further down the line, though - after Daniel Craig is done with it the series will need another hard reboot, and who better to handle it?


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