7 Actors Who Were Pissed Off At Animated Parodies Of Themselves

Sometimes a bit of self-awareness is all you need...

Comedy Central

In animation, there is no shortage of actors being portrayed in cartoon form, many go out of their way to be animated and parodied (see: all the actors that go on The Simpsons). From South Park to The Simpsons, animated versions of famous actors are manifold. Now, this doesn't mean that the actors that are being parodied have to like what they see.

This might be because the parodies tend to draw on and exaggerate certain aspects of their personality. A good example would be the animated parody of rapper Kanye West that appeared in South Park. West's counterpart in the show is seen as egotistical, arrogant, and unable to see past his own world view - traits that many would associate with the actual Kanye West. It is no surprise that West hated it.

When shows take a similar approach with actors, it is easy to see why they become so irate. While many actors that will be mentioned here did not make public statements concerning the animated parodies of themselves, we will be taking into consideration comments made by the creators of the parody and people around the actor.


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