7 Cancelled Movie Sequels Saved By Comics

Is it possible to actually save the RoboCop sequels?

Robocop Frank Miller
Dark Horse Comics

Films take a lot of money and manpower to make. The average Hollywood film takes $125mil to make and only about 250 movies are recognized by Hollywood every year. With those numbers working against the average creator, there's very little wonder that so many films never receive the sequel or franchise that those involved had planned in their head.

Luckily, comics are cheaper and usually less reliant on needing to make the annual national budget of Greece to have a job the next day.Developing a comic book off of an existing script or idea is not a hard thing to do, with the biggest issue coming down to licensing.

Some creators use their existing ideas and shape them to fit outside of the film they were working on, such as Alejandro Jodorowsky who spent years working on the Dune film adaptation before that fell through, so he adjusted the story notes into what is now called the Jodoverse of comics.

The few who are able to save their sequel ideas through proper application of writing and rights are the luckiest few of all. They're so few and far between that we couldn't even get a full ten for this list!

7. Freddy V Jason V Ash

Robocop Frank Miller
Wildstorm Comics

Freddy Vs Jason was an oddly entertaining flick, combining the pop icons from the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th franchises.

Naturally, after quadrupling it's budget at the box office, a sequel went immediately into production and then slipped firmly into production hell. Granted, the film did start development in 1987 and came out in 2003, so there's always hope for a film version.

Many of the sequel ideas were about adding another horror icon, like Pinhead or Michael Myers, and that's where this comic comes into play. Jeff Katz had a treatment all worked out and ready to go, introducing the one-hand camp wonder known as Ashley Williams. The fun bit is that because of an easter egg in the film Jason Goes To Hell, there was a natural angle for the story to have Ash enter the fray.

Filled with the same carnage, sex and bad one-liners, it is a fantastic sequel to a bombastic movie. There's even a sequel to this comic out that plays with the whole mythos of Freddy and Jason than this does, though.


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