7 Cancelled Movie Sequels Saved By Comics

6. Super Mario Bros. 2

Robocop Frank Miller

If there's always one cheat on these lists, this would be it. The Super Mario Bros. movie has a very sordid history, and a legacy that is less than spectacular. That doesn't mean there weren't fans drawn in by the sequel hook of Daisy kicking down the Mario Bros. door saying "you're not going to believe this".

Ironically, there was no sequel planned at the time and that scene was just a way to homage Back to the Future.

However, in 2012, fans in collaboration with one of the writers of the film, Parker Bennett, began the Super Mario Bros. 2 webcomic as a sequel to the film. That's where the cheat comes in.

Technically it is a fan-made webcomic. Yet, with Bennett assisting in the scripting and story, there's a certain semi-official feeling to the work that is just enough to stretch what would be a "saved sequel".


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