7 Classics From The 1980s That Surprisingly Weren't Big At The Box Office

the princess bride

The 1980s are a decade that defined childhood for almost anyone over 30 and under 45. There are some classic movies that we could put in a time capsule and show to future generations so they could understand the 80s. If you were asked to make a list of movies you would include in this time capsule, it would be easy, right? John Hughes movies, films with action heroes, maybe some crazy comedies, slasher movies, and you are set. We know these movies. They spoke to us. They represent what 80s cinema was all about. Yet when I looked at the box office numbers, I was shocked. The movies that we have come to know by heart, those movies still on rotation on cable and maybe even passed onto our kids, were not big hits when they came out. I took a look at 7 movies that I would include in a time capsule for the 80s and adjusted each box office take to 2013 dollars. Then I found other movies from the 80s that actually made more than these "classics." Lastly, I looked at movies released since 2010 to find equivalent box office takes so we could compare our 80s classics and see the levels they would match up with today.


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