7 Crazy Harry Potter Fan Theories (That Are Totally Believable)

Is it possible they might be true?

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You would be hard-pressed to find another set of novels and films more popular than the Harry Potter saga. The fandom that has sprung up around the originals and their screen adaptations - including the new Fantastic Beasts movie - has been as fervent as it has been magical to behold.

And regardless of how much time passes, the fans' commitment to the material shows no signs of slowing.

Fantasies that build an entire new world for us to explore have always been a popular source of fan theories - just look at the likes of Game Of Thrones, Star Wars and The Walking Dead. Harry Potter is very much on the same list with Potterheads continually coming up with discoveries of hidden meanings behind J.K Rowling's writing. Even years after the series' publication ended with a bang.

Inevitably, some theories can be written off immediately as the wild ravings of the special kind of lunatics found on the Internet, but others can leave you looking at the entire series in an completely different way.

Here are 7 crazy Harry Potter theories that might just be true.


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