7 Dead Movie Characters Returning Soon

Because obviously dead doesn't *really* mean dead.

Amazing Spider Man 2 Electro

When done correctly, there's nothing quite as impactful, as hard-hitting, as emotional, or as narrative-changing as a good cinematic death.

For those involved, death is never necessarily a 'good' thing, of course, but the demise of a beloved or outright despised character can bring so much to a movie. So often, death would obviously be a finite endpoint, but then again we're currently in 2020 - and that means that all bets are off.

This year was meant to be a huge one for the entertainment industry, with so many heavy-hitting big-budget projects hoping to dominate the global box office and beyond. And for some of those projects, one of the more intriguing aspects of their tale was the bringing back of supposedly deceased characters.

Delay after delay after delay may have been the order of the day here in 2020, but these films are still on the way - just maybe a little later than originally intended. Likewise, these mysterious returns from the grave are also still on the way.

The how and why may be something we'll have to wait to see play out for some of these names, but here are seven once-dead characters who will soon be making their ways back to our screens in the near future.

7. Vision

Amazing Spider Man 2 Electro
Marvel Studios

For the most part, those characters seen offed in Avengers: Infinity War were brought back into existence in Avengers: Endgame. Unfortunately for Vision though, his resurrection was not on the cards.

While Endgame brought back those snapped out of existence by Thanos, the film could not do anything for those who were vanquished by other means in its predecessor - with Vision being one of these characters.

If you remember, Paul Bettany's character had his head caved in as Thanos pulled the Mind Stone out of his forehead during the final few minutes of Infinity War. And that death remained a permanent arrangement as thie picture concluded and rolled into Endgame and beyond.

Vision will soon be back in action, however, as he'll be on headlining duties alongside Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch for Disney+'s WandaVision miniseries. Consisting of six one-hour episodes, that show is due to premiere on the House of Mouse's streaming platform this December, and will see Wanda Maximoff and Vision in their own little bubble of bliss.

It's yet to be confirmed, but it's believed that the majority of what we'll see in WandaVision mostly stems from her reality warping abilities - with the show seemingly touching on the mental strains and unhinged powers so often seen as a key part of the comic book Scarlet Witch character.

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