7 Dead Movie Characters Returning Soon

6. Miles Quaritch

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The Pandoran War of James Cameron's Avatar saw plentiful casualties on both sides, and one such casualty was that of Colonel Miles Quaritch.

A prick with a penchant for offing Na'vi, this Stephen Lang-played commander of the Resources Development Administration Security Operations finally got his comeuppance by the time that Cameron's revolutionary 2009 movie came to a close. Just as Quaritch was set to kill Jake Sully, Neytiri stepped in to fire two arrows into the chest of this hard-ass military sort and send him to the afterlife.

Cameron has long been an ambitious, forward-looking filmmaker, and thus it came as no surprise to hear him soon announce not one, not two, but three Avatar sequels shortly after that first film's release - and that news was later followed up by the reveal that an Avatar 5 was also in early development. What's maybe more of a surprise, however, is that Stephen Lang's deceased character of Miles Quaritch will be back for at least the first three follow-up pictures.

Granted, the lavish, unrestricted world of the Avatar franchise does mean that all bets are off and nothing is ever off the table when it comes to ideas and plot twists - and let's face it, any time Stephen Lang gets to devour scenery on the big screen is always a good time.

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