7 Deeply Unsettling Unanswered Questions In Kids' Movies

What manner of sordid behaviour did Woody and Buzz bear witness to in Andy's teenage bedroom...?

In the universe of the children's movie, there are two accepted rules. First, some sort of moral lesson must be learnt at some point during the story, and second, no matter what happens along the way, the story must always have a largely happy ending, even if tears are shed on the way. After all, they are fundamentally joyous films, ones which are designed to keep kids happy and smiley, and often to make adults feel all warm and squishy inside. However, when watching a film catered to the younger audience as an adult, you begin to question a great deal of plot points, because, you know... you have to justify watching some films in adulthood somehow. Sometimes there are just some questions that go unanswered and it's totally fine and dandy for them to remain that way, because they have no major repercussions on the plot, the theme, the morals or the implied ending of the movie. But then there are those that do the exact opposite. For example, the Harry Potter series focuses on a magical school of witchcraft and wizardry, where all the students learn how to master their skills with a wand. However, what the series doesn't mention is that surely an education in nothing but magic is scarcely an education at all. Harry Potter may well be the chosen one and can perform the finest patronus spell the world has ever seen, but does he know his times tables? Does he know where Belgium is?Really, all Voldemort had to do to stop him was to cast a spell of grammatical correctness and Potter wouldn't have gotten anywhere near him. So without further ado, here are seven morbid questions which went unanswered in kid's movies...

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