7 Deeply Unsettling Unanswered Questions In Kids' Movies

7. Monsters Inc. - Did Boo's Parents Think She'd Been Kidnapped?

On surface value alone, Monsters, Inc. is a charming and heart-warming tale of two monsters who break new ground in their friendship and the monster society as a whole thanks to a chance encounter with Boo, a human child who finds herself in their world. Throughout the movie we're encouraged to laugh along with the comedy antics of our heroes as they strive to get Boo back home to safety, and we're touched by the blossoming fatherly bond Sully develops towards the child. But what we don't consider is how the parents of the child coped with her mysterious disappearance; after all, she did just vanish from her bedroom. Boo spends at least one full day in the monster universe; surely her parents must have noticed her disappearance, had they not ruled out the possibility of a kidnapping? If they hadn't noticed, does that make Boo the product of a broken home, cared for by some inattentive drug addicts, perhaps? Maybe Boo had just been abandoned in a Home Alone sort of way (which, granted, would probably make the Macauley Culkin film even more watchable), and was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. As far as the film is concerned, she is returned to the safety of her home, but does not consider whether or not her parents had become stress ravaged wrecks with worry over her vanishing. Or indeed if the apparent safety she was returned to was the aforementioned drug den. I guess we'll never know.

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