7 Deeply Unsettling Unanswered Questions In Kids' Movies

6. Madagascar - What Happened To The Ship's Crew?

Madagascar is the wacky and cheery story of some New York City zoo animals who are being shipped to another zoo, but find themselves stranded on the eponymous island nation off the east coast of Africa. We're supposed to be giving all of our attention to the journey of self discovery being made by Alex the lion, and the overall struggles of the main characters as they try to find their way back to civilisation. All the while, we're given comedy interludes from a quartet of troublesome penguins. It's all hilarious, and pretty much everyone who watches the film will enjoy it. However, something which no one seems to question is what happens to the crew of the ship that rescues the animals? The penguins are responsible for hijacking the ship, having successfully directed it to Antarctica and back in a bid for freedom, but there is no sign of the crew after the feathery mutiny. Now there are two likely scenarios here: either the crew saw an enormous storm on the horizon and just thought "ah, who cares about these animals, what have they ever done for us?" and jumped ship to safety, or the nefarious penguins, who are usually so comically inept at carrying out their dastardly deeds, actually succeed in an act of pure evil and murder the entire crew. This would help to explain just why a ship, which was originally transporting a cargo of live animals was allowed to go uninvestigated upon the loss of said cargo and be inexplicably redirected to Antarctica. If there are no witnesses and no form of radio contact (aside from the beaky ones), then how would anyone on land know? Gives you a whole creepy new light in which to consider those meddlesome penguins.

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