7 Dumbest Things We Saw In 2013's Films So Far

Khan 2013 has, so far, been as big on film debate and fan anger as any year to date. With so many big releases, sci-fi in particular, there is a lot to lose and one plot twist or miscalculation too far only asks for a slating, especially since fans can be even more brutal than the traditionally scathing critics. Of course, sometimes dumb moves in films don€™t matter. Even the most intelligent of us can appreciate some mindless entertainment every now and again. However, this doesn€™t excuse some ideas that definitely should have been thought through a bit more back in pre-production. Here are seven stupid ideas from the year so far that have gained much worldwide outrage and confusion. Needless to say, spoilers are ahead!

7. The Gatsby Reveal (The Great Gatsby)

the great gatsby dicaprio In typical Baz Lurhmann style, this moment was just so over the top compared to its equivalent in the novel. With a little subtlety it could have been something truly special, but instead we had indicators of how important it was shoved in our collective faces. As Nick and Jordan (and the audience) finally discover who the fabled Gatsby is, we are treated with fireworks, the peak of Gershwin€™s Rhapsody In Blue and Leonardo DiCaprio tipping his glass towards the camera just in case we missed it. The moment isn€™t so stupid by itself, but it€™s patronising towards us whilst completely disregarding the solemnity surrounding the occasion in the book in which we first see Gatsby in his dominant state, striving for hope and for Daisy. The moments just aren€™t comparable.

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