7 Female Disney Villains Who Would Have Been Awesome Leads

7. Mirage - The Incredibles

Disneyvillains Mirage Okay, technically Mirage isn't really a villainess, but she's definitely morally grey enough to warrant inclusion in this list, given that she willingly helps out supervillain Syndrome in bringing superheroes of the past to the island to fight and be killed in order to create the most perfect invasion and destruction machine under Syndrome's command. However, she soon rediscovers the side of goodness after her conscience is awakened following Helen, Violet and Dash's arrival on the island, aiding the family. A further exploration of how Mirage became Mirage would have been a really interesting film. As someone who doesn't appear to have powers of her own, to see her stand up and become a hero despite her morality issues, would have been a bold step for Pixar.

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