7 Films That Eerily Predicted Future Roles

Suicide Squad wasn't the first time Batman met Deadshot.

zoe saldana

Even the biggest stars in the world have to pay their dues and often start out at the bottom of the ladder. They’ll do embarrassing commercials or become background extras, just to get some experience. Hell, Bruce Willis started his career as an extra in Paul Newman’s The Verdict, and Jackie Chan played a henchman killed by Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon.

These roles often lead to bigger things, but strangely enough, some of the smaller roles or movies they act in contain strange predictions for their futures. It could be a passing reference to a character they’ll end up playing, or a book they’ll end up adapting for the big screen.

These references can either be really subtle or incredibly overt and seem to act like in-jokes aimed at fans; which isn't possible unless the director was psychic.

Here are some of the roles that forecast bigger things for their actors, and how they link together.


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