7 Great Horror Roles Played By Then Unknown Actors

Mischa Barton Recent Oscar winning actress and inescapable talent Jennifer Lawrence broke out with Winter€™s Bone that immediately gained her notoriety in the public eye, before she reached super stardom with her role in The Hunger Games and X-Men: First Class. Many people will forget that another movie of hers came out in the same year, the delayed House at the End of the Street, which was banking on Jennifer Lawrence€™s well€ bankability. A financial success, it made back it€™s very small 7 million dollar budget, it should be no surprise that no one is really ever going to consider House at the End of the Street €“or HATES if you use the marketing€™s stupid abbreviation- as the turning point in Lawrence€™s thriving career. It seems that every famous actor this side of Jamie Lee Curtis at one point did their time in the horror genre. Many people dismiss those movies as just the base point before the actors jump into real stardom but there are plenty of movies that may have been overlooked or forgotten by the general audience. The horror genre does offer a variety of great roles and while many of them are acted by character actors or the actors who never stray from the genre, here€™s a brief list of some famous actors who turned in great roles in great horror-thriller movies.

7. John Goodman €“ C.H.U.D.

John Goodman CHUD While his time in the movie only lasts one scene that assuredly does not end well, John Goodman makes his presence known when he strides into the diner with his quick banter and charm that he is known for. Goodman has a knack for playing characters who are liked by nearly everyone, here his role as an off-duty police officer is a little sample of his wit and humor that would pleasantly be found in his Dan Connor role on Roseanne just four years after this movie€™s release. He would go on to find slightly better success in the horror genre, as in he doesn€™t get killed after one brief scene, in the 1990 film Arachnophobia where he memorably plays an exterminator. However his presence in C.H.U.D., a film that emulates the dirty, grimy and ugly side of New York, is a welcome scene with his clean, delightful boyish demeanor that is clearly not meant to withstand the grim undertakings of the monstrous sewer cannibals. Thankfully, his death is off-screen.
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