7 Incredible Saw X Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

The tenth instalment of the Saw series had some sneaky Easter eggs. How many did you catch?

Saw X John Kramer Jigsaw

To go and watch the tenth instalment of a movie series, you'd need to be a pretty big fan, right?!

Well, presuming you've sat through all the good and bad Saw has to offer, you'd be expecting to at least be rewarded for dedicating over 16 hours of your life to the franchise - and that's presuming you've only watched each instalment once!

Well, thankfully, Saw X was almost seemingly designed as a loyalty card of sorts. On your tenth Saw movie, you get all the usual gore, but with an additional selection of Easter eggs. Those Easter eggs, of course, may be shaped like eyeballs and may just be getting vacuumed out of someone's skull.

By this point, if you've watched Saw X, you'll have your own Ups & Downs from the movie, but what about those little tidbits you may just have missed? It has been almost two decades since the first movie was released, and 13 years since the not-so-final Final Chapter...

Well, sit back and relax, and let's look at seven hidden gems you may have missed that were slipped into the movie to appease those long-term fans of the franchise and John Kramer's Saw-bscribers!

Of course, you can click away any time you like. This article will not become your tomb.

7. Hello Zepp!

Saw X John Kramer Jigsaw

While there are many, many iconic facets to the Saw movies, one of the most underrated is by far the soundtrack. Yep, it may not be the first thing you think of, but you know exactly the one.

Composed by Charlie Clouser, the incidental music named "Hello Zepp" revealed... *spoiler* ..that Zep/Zepp Hindle (the character's name in the script has one P, but the music titles have two) was actually a victim of the Jigsaw Killer.

Despite originally being incidental and written just for that twist, the piece - written in the key of D minor - has gone on to feature in every single Saw movie and, unsurprisingly, now in many, many TikTok videos parodying the traps.

Well, the iconic song "Hello Zepp", based on the iconic character from the first movie - yep, he was only in one of the movies - did indeed return at the end of the tenth instalment to maintain its streak, albeit not in the typical fashion.

Saw X was, in fact, the first instalment since Saw II not to lead into the end credits with some variation of "Hello Zepp". Instead, a variation called "Zepp Ten" played during the final game with Cecilia and Parker, with another variation of the theme, called Post Credit X, plays in the mid-credits sequence.


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