7 Incredible Similarities Between The Dark Knight Rises And Batman & Robin

Honourable Mention - The Film Kicks Off By Showing Us The Villain

Bane Mr Freeze
Warner Bros.

After success with a similar approach with The Dark Knight, Warner Bros. gave Batman fans lucky enough to catch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in IMAX a sneak peak at the first five minutes of The Dark Knight Rises. Our first experience of Bane, it continued the series€™ trend of opening up on the big bad before moving onto the plot at hand.

Batman And Robin, after the first of many cringeworthy exchanges (€œThis is why Superman works alone€), does a similar thing (without the IMAX scale, obviously), giving us our first look at Freeze before the story properly begins. Why it doesn't need to be on the list proper, however, is because less of being a recurring trait in these two films, it€™'s become a key part of the whole series; all the Batman movies (Tim Burton€™s first aside) have opened setting up one of the principal villains, making this similarity inevitable, rather than incredible.

7. The First Thing We See Is A Frozen Batman Logo

Batman Frozen
Warner Bros.

All of Nolan'€™s film's post Batman Begins (and not just those in The Dark Knight Trilogy) have a very unique approach to the opening titles. Namely, he does away with them completely; we normally get a visual or audio tease to the film€™s tone or iconography before being thrown into the action, not getting the title card until the beginning of the end credits.

The Batman films each have the series€™ version of famous logo created through some element of the film; Begins has swarming bats, Dark Knight uses fire and Rises gives us cracking ice. It€™'s all striking imagery, but what€™s most interesting about The Dark Knight Rises€™ is how similar it is to Batman And Robin's; that film opens with a frozen Bat logo too.

Of course, in Schumacher'€™s take it€™s more in your face and overt in reasoning - the villain is Mr Freeze after all - but the slow zoom imagery is almost identical. It€™'s actually one of the film€™s most interesting visual cues; seeing the Warner Bros. logo morph into Batman€™s is pretty cool.


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