7 Man Of Steel Criticisms Which Were Completely Unfair

We still can't quite let this film go...

2013 was quite a year for the comic book movie. After the mega success of The Avengers, Hollywood may have been forgiven for thinking it had reached its peak but, in true Hollywood fashion, they pumped out even more. The most surprising thing is that, for the most part, the movies either matched or improved upon what had come before. Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and Man Of Steel all raked in plenty of cash showing there is plenty of life in the comic book movie.

Whilst there were issues in all 3 of these movies, it appears that Man Of Steel has come in for the most criticism. Perhaps it is understandable as Superman is a much more iconic character than either Thor or Iron Man and we all know comic book fans have a tendency to stick rigidly to the source material when analysing their favourite superhero.

I, for one, enjoyed Man Of Steel immensely and feel that the movie was very harshly judged. So I decided to look at the most common complaints I hear about it and see if they are really as bad as claimed or simply a case of a director using creative license to take the character in new directions.

It would be unfair to suggest that all the criticisms were from Superman fans who didn't like deviations from the comic, so I will also look at some of the criticisms that were thrown around in terms of the film itself rather than simply issues with the comic adaptation.

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