7 More Horror Films That Eerily Came True

The scariest monsters are the real ones.

Dead Silence
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Horror movies are supposed to be a fun deviation from the everyday - a little insight into the dark and scary that we would never usually experience.

Bringing the supernatural hurtling into our own reality, creating crazy original monsters, and depicting terrifying situations with artistic flair, horror cinema is best enjoyed knowing that we're watching something that would never ACTUALLY creep into our own lives, as much as it tries to make us believe otherwise.

But for some, it's an entirely different story, and the line between fact and fiction no longer exists.

These entries explore the horrifying reality of some movies that have breached the fourth wall, climbing out of the television set like a demented Samara to bring the genre to life. Be warned, this isn't for the squeamish - tragedy is at the heart of all these terrible crimes.

7. Recreating The Blair Witch Project Turned Out Far Worse Than Any Witch In The Woods

Dead Silence

Bringing about a world of shaky cam and terrifying campers out of the woods for good, The Blair Witch Project inspired more than the horror industry when it came out in 1999. With aspiring filmmakers desperate to replicate the Blair Witch effect and taking found footage into their own hands, Blaine Norris was one such person with a shaky cam dream - attempting to make his own movie with Through A Hike: A Ghost Story.

It was through a friend, Brian Trimble, that he managed to secure a cameraman - but when Trimble became diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and could no longer keep up with the physical demands of filming, Norris’s movie lost its funding, and he was thrust into desperation. So was Trimble - left financially struggling by his condition.

The pair devised a plan to kill Trimble’s wife for the insurance payout, and inadvertently created a plot much better than the Blair Witch rip they’d originally planned. With poor Randi Trimble’s death scene looking obviously set up, police soon discovered the truth, and the pair were sentenced to life in prison.

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