7 More Horror Films That Eerily Came True

6. Two Girls Wanted To Avoid The Wrath Of The Slender Man

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The little known Slender Man movie that came before 2018 is not a good film. Released in 2013 and generally considered terrible, it’s influence was just as bad as its presentation - bringing the creepypasta favourite to life in a way that inspired an attempted murder.

Quite famously now, 2014 saw two 12 year old girls attack their friend whilst playing a game of hide and seek in the woods. Taking a 5-inch kitchen knife, they held her down and stabbed her repeatedly - apparently so they could become proxies for the Slenderman and prevent their families from being targeted by him.

They were under the impression that a murder would be the only way to gain his favour, and they’d then be considered loyal and allowed to live in his mansion.

Of course, they were denounced as batshit insane. The pair were convicted and found guilty by insanity, and will remain locked up for the next 25 years at the very, very least. I guess the Slender Man mansion comes with its own bars.

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