7 More Horror Films That Eerily Came True

5. Creepy Puppets And Crazy Ventriloquists Aren't Confined To Dead Silence

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James Wan’s foray into the world of haunted dolls was done with the irrefutably creepy Dead Silence, starring Billy as the glass-eyed vessel for a ventriloquist spirit to wreak revenge on the Ashen family.

Whilst the real life counterpart that follows this story isn’t dead, he doesn’t need to be for this horror story to hit home. Ronald Brown, a TV ventriloquist from Florida with his own terrifying wooden pal named Marty, was arrested in 2012 for having reams of child pornography, bolstered with journals on his desire to cook and eat children.

Mary Shaw might have only stolen tongues, but upon searching Brown’s house, officials found a butcher’s diagram of how to cut a whole child into steaks, just to really drive the whole cannibal thing home.

It’s some strange irony that the tale of a insane ventriloquist in reality is far scarier than that on screen - but there’s some comfort to be taken in knowing that Brown was arrested and put away before he could actually eat anyone. Remember folks - it’s not the doll that’s scary, it’s the baby-eating monster with their hand up its butt you’ve got to watch out for.

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