7 More MCU Deleted Scenes That Should've Stayed In Their Movies

Want to know what Drax's tattoos mean? Well, that scene exists.

Endgame Deleted Scene
Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most efficient franchise machine in Hollywood, with Marvel Studios cranking out two or three gigantic films per year (with additional TV shows soon to come) without any major hitches.

But even with meticulous planning and some of the best minds in the business working on these films, not every movie goes from script to screen without some fat being trimmed along the way.

The MCU contains dozens upon dozens of scenes that were left on the floor of the edit bay, from small jokes that last a few seconds, to important connective tissue that would've benefited the film's story. Cutting footage that the cast and crew worked hard on is always going to be a tough call, and while the filmmakers do make the right decisions most of the time, occasionally, stuff gets removed that would've added a little something extra to the movie it was chopped from.

These movies aren't bad by any means and these deleted scenes wouldn't make or break them, but it does feel like they could've had a place somewhere in the final edit.

7. The Kree Kids (Captain Marvel)

The Scene

A short sequence from Captain Marvel's opening few minutes, the scene begins with Carol walking in on Yon-Rogg as he talks to a room of Kree students. Here, he explains to them how dangerous the Skrulls can be and how it's up to the Kree to defend the galaxy, before Carol tells them about her past.

Why It Should've Stayed

One of the most annoying things about Captain Marvel was how it completely wasted the world of Hala, the Kree Empire's flagship planet. From the brief glimpses we did get of it, it looked all grungy, futuristic and beautiful in a Blade Runner sort of way, and it's a crying shame that we didn't get to explore it a bit more.

To that end, scenes like this would've been most welcome in the final cut. Spending more time with the Kree people and getting to see them go about their day-to-day lives would've made Hala feel more like a lived-in, believable place along the lines of Wakanda, instead of just a pretty backdrop.

While this scene does, admittedly, reiterate information we already hear elsewhere (Skrulls are bad, Kree are good, etc), it also further emphasises just how badly Yon-Rogg has lied to Carol. She really does believe that the implant is there to help her and that the Kree and the Supreme Intelligence are on her side, which would've made the moment where we learn that all those "facts" are lies even more impactful.


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