7 More MCU Deleted Scenes That Should've Stayed In Their Movies

6. Sonny Finds Out About The Lab (Ant-Man And The Wasp)

The Scene

Giving us more of Walton Goggins as shady businessman Sonny Burch, this scene shows the character watching some CCTV footage of Hank Pym's lab shrinking down to its portable size, as well as giving him his first look at Scott Lang.

Why It Should've Stayed

Walton Goggins is an absolute delight to watch no matter what he's in, but through no fault of his own, Sonny Burch is one of the most pointless characters in the entire MCU.

He starts off as a technology dealer who refuses to co-operate with Hope, and that's really as far as the character should have gone. From here, he continues to pop up in random places with a plan that doesn't make sense, and it feels like he only continued past his first scene because a big actor was playing the role, and because the filmmakers needed an extra obstacle for the heroes to pad out the film's runtime.

This deleted scene wouldn't have fixed all the character's problems, but it would've filled in an annoying story gap relating to Burch's continued involvement in the film: how did he find out about Hank's shrinking lab?

In the final cut, he just sort of... knows about it, with no explanation given, and this knowledge drives his actions for the whole film. This scene shows that he actually witnessed the lab shrinking on a CCTV feed, and had it been included in the movie, it would've been easier to understand why Burch continued to claw his way into the plot.


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