7 Most Anticipated Movie Scenes Still To Come In 2015

Don't be mistaken that you've seen everything that Hollywood has to offer this year.

2015 is more than half over, but don't be mistaken that you've seen remotely close to everything that Hollywood has to offer. Many of the year's most anticipated movies, from revived franchises to exciting sequels, are due to bow later in the year, and going by a combination of set reports, interviews and trailer clips, it's easy to discern what might be some of these movies' most iconic and memorable moments. From a recall of a certain classic franchise staple to a daring feat of actor bravery, the worst-guarded plot twist in the world and the re-birth of an iconic band of superheroes, there's a lot to look forward to...

7. Franz Oberhauser Reveals Himself To Be Blofeld - Spectre

The Scene: It's cinema's worst-kept "secret" that Franz Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz) will almost certainly be revealed to be an alias, and that his real name is, of course, Bond's most iconic cinematic foe, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. This has been a long-standing fan theory (despite the patently unconvincing insistence of the cast and crew that this isn't the case), one which was lent further credence by the latest Spectre trailer, which showed Waltz kitted out in a blue smock that's instantly reminiscent of Blofeld's iconic get-up. Why We Can't Wait To See It: Because Waltz was pretty much born to play a Bond villain, and it'll be ridiculously satisfying to see Blofeld in his first official Bond movie since 1981's For Your Eyes Only, where Roger Moore dropped him down a chimney (yes, really). The scene where he finally sheds his false identity and confirms what everyone already knows will be gloriously enjoyable, because you know that Waltz is going to relish every second of it.

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