7 Most Unexpected Ways Movies Had An Impact On Real Life

JFK When was the last time you saw a movie and said to yourself "Wow, this film has the power to change the world" when the credits started to roll? Yeah, we don't remember either. The truth is most of us are content simply by spending two hours of life watching stuff get blown up good or Hulk using Loki as a rag doll before heading back to our dull existence. But every now and again, a film so powerful will come along that will completely shatter people's expectations as to how important movies really are in the real world, and we wind up with such crazy and random stories as...

7. Lincoln Forces Mississippi To Ratify The Thirteenth Amendment

Lincoln Banner When Steven Spielberg's latest film, Lincoln, hit theaters late last year, critics and audiences alike hailed it a masterpiece, decided they should award it a few fancy awards and called it a day. Dr. Rajan Batra however, an immigrant from India living in the United States, found the film so moving that when he got back home after his screening he started doing internet searches on what had happened after honest Abe had been buried. And while most of us would get bored after 30 minutes of internet History lessons, Dr. Batra made a discovery that everybody assumed had been taking care almost 200 years prior. Namely, that the state of Mississippi had never actually ratified the amendment that abolished slavery, which meant that officially, slavery was still legal in Mississippi. Batra contacted State officials, who quickly filled out the necessary paperwork and finally ratified the Thirteenth Amendment.

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